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Welcome to JA Comment Component Documentation!

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Technical Specifications

  • Server requirements: PHP 5.0 or above, MySQL 5.0 or above, Joomla 1.5.x and above;
  • Client requirements: Firefox 2.x, 3.0.x, 3,5,x, Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari.

License Information & Copyright Removal

1. JA Comment is a commercial extension as a part of JAEC. You have 7-days no question asked money back guarantee if this extension does not make you instantly happy.
2. JAEC Membership is available for $50 a Year. This allows access to all the extensions under JAEC and also to the upcoming extensions.
3. Some of the upcoming extensions under JAEC are [http:www.joomlart.com JA Toolbar] (we use it on our main site) and JA GForm (allows using Google spreadsheets in a better way).

Note: For licensed members who want to remove Copyright text, Please go to backend of JA Comment >> Layout & Plugins >> Layout tab >> Footer text section >> Clear Copyright field.
To remove the copyright in the login form, please remove the following line in "\components\com_jacomment\asset\js\ja.popup.js" file:

jQuery('#ja-popup-footer .inner span').html('© Copyright by JA Comment');


All JAEC Members can download this extension anytime.
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Release Notes - Changelog - Roadmap

Visit our Project Management portal for Changelog & Roadmap

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