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Getting started with T3

Developing websites with JA T3 Template Framework requires knowledge about what is this framework about and it's advantages over the classic framework, so if you decide to download, you might also want to know how to get help and check the development status of the project.

Our documentation starts with developer guides, a section introducing the new structure of the framework and the layouts system. The administration panel provides control over logo configuration, navigation system, layout configuration and also page overrides for menu system, layout and other template parameters.

The next section aims to provide a complete reference for T3 navigation systems. The T3 Framework upgraded the navigation systems in several ways, so before editing the menus, first you have to check if everything is ready. Then, you can proceed editing specific menu parameters or adding modules as menu items. The section also provides a complete parameters reference to make sure you understand perfectly the menu systems parameters.

The last documentation resource provides design customization FAQs, a section to explain what files to modify and give you some CSS customization TIPS. First you have to check you have all the tools you need in the customization process, then you can start creating your own structure with layouts variations you need and style it your way. You can change everything to meet your several design goals: template width, layouts and their module positions, template wrapper look, menu systems and template logo. Next, you can proceed by making it mobile ready, customize the IE6 warning and setup the layout and menu overrides. The last phase of the template customization is to check the validity of the code used by your custom template.

You want to showcase your T3 Framework powered website? Contact us and if your website is selected, it can be listed in our Showcase page.

If you are a Joomla! template developer to use the T3 Framework, you have to check the T3 Framework copyright information.


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