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JD T3 Framework 2.0 is a new template framework developed by JoomlArt for Drupal 6. The framework was initially developed for Joomla! 1.5.

The development team promised to bring same new features for Drupal community as for Joomla!: Advanced Layouts, Mobile Ready, Multiple Color Themes, Profiles, Right to Left Language Support and a powerful menu system called Mega Menu.

The framework structure is a little different for Drupal, as this CMS is different. It comes with a light template and an engine template to hold the basic layout design, scripts, core default profiles and HTML render files.

Main Features

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  • NEW Profiles - a new presets feature to hold all template settings
  • NEW Multiple Color Themes - a single template can hold several themes, but the T3 Framework powered themes have the ability to override core layouts, blocks, and even javascript in some cases.
  • NEW Control Panel - readers can customize the look and feel of the website by switching user tools values:
    • font-size switcher - allows readers to increase / decrease or reset font size;
    • profiles switcher - allows readers to switch profiles;
    • screen size switcher - allows readers to select the template width;
    • layouts switcher - allows readers to change only the layout;
    • text direction switcher - allows readers to change the text direction of the website.
  • HOT Multiple Layouts Feature - a single template can hold several layouts you can easily customize in the template administration, and your readers can pick the one they like best.
  • HOT Four Menu Systems you can use for your website, with incredible abilities
    • Mega Menu - the most powerful menu system out there as it can load blocks, regions, and can combine vertical, horizontal and columns design to make the main navigation more friendly.
    • Split Menu - a menu system to display the sub menus vertically when a root menu item is active. The second level is displayed in a cascade style.
    • Dropline Menu - very similar to Split Menu but it has an additional ability to show sub menu items on mouse hover.
    • CSS Menu - the most popular menu system to use a simple cascade design, with no script required.
  • Mobile Ready - the framework provides special layouts for iPhone and Handheld devices, and smart scripts to detect these devices so the framework can load the layouts you set in the template administration.
  • Native Right To Left Support - the core design provide styling for the RTL mode.

JD T3 Blank Template for Drupal

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JD T3 Blank Template is a new clean template design powered by the new framework and provides almost same benefits as for Joomla!.
Benefits of the JD T3 Framework Templates:

  • Easy to start developing templates from a blank core template
  • Easy to update the core engine and template while customizing the template layout design
  • Multiple themes with theme mixing capability - this allows you to use multiple themes simultaneously
  • Template administration panel is now your best friend: it allows you to edit files, upload your themes and customize settings like never before.

Click here to see demo.


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JD T3 Blank Template for Drupal is free and you can download it here!


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Whenever you need a hand developing with JD T3 Framework 2.0, feel free to ask for support in our forum.

Members have access to professional help, and can submit support tickets online via support portal and our support team will provide assistance in less than 12 hours!

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Changelog and Roadmap

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Visit our Project Management portal for Changelog & Roadmap


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